Our Policy

Cancellation Policy and Booking Criteria for New and Maintenance Appointments


When it’s your first time in with us even if you have gone elsewhere for sugaring or waxing, please book the 1st time option through our “book now” button. We understand you may have less hair, but we want the opportunity to get to know you and for you to learn about our technique and for you to get to know us too. 

For maintenance appts please make sure and select the appropriate maintenance time frame. There are several. First time if it’s been more than 8 weeks, next is the 6-8 week option and next is the 4-6 week option. Please choose accordingly. If you choose a maintenance option and it is not a maintenance appt it throws off our schedule and makes us late for other appts. 


We absolutely understand that emergencies happen and are very understanding and flexible with this. We all have families and lives and we understand. Just kindly call or text us to let us know. For no shows or last minute cancelations without an emergency there is a new policy. We now have an ongoing wait list for appts and therefor every no show costs us money and wastes time and someone else could have used the spot. The new policy is as follows:

  1. First no show and/or no call will result in a 50-100% charge for missed service(s) and a warning. If the said appointment is for your “freebie” from our loyalty program, you forfeit your 50% off service instead of being charged.
  2. Second no show and/or call will result in a 100% charge of missed service(s) and you will have to pre pay for any future upcoming appointments. If you miss your next appointment, there is no refund and you are not charged further.
  3. Third no call and/or no show will result in a 100% charge and you will no longer be able to book appointments at La Di Da without prepayment.
  4. Thank you all for your understanding!