All natural and sting free!

We use all natural vegetable dye. The color lasts 3-5 weeks. My technique for lash tinting is STING FREE!



Loyalty Savings

THE LOYALTY PROGRAM ALLOWS YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR SIXTH SERVICE 50% OFF!! NO PRE-PAYMENT NECESSARY! (Must be same service each time. If multiple services, the most expensive will be 50% off. Only one 50% service per person/per loyalty cycle.)

Maintenance Pricing

We have maintenance pricing for ALL of our sugaring services. Maintenance is every 4 weeks, no exceptions. We give the maintenance price because we want to reward your loyalty and also it takes us less time and we use less product. If it has been longer than four weeks, even five or six, it defeats the purpose of the price break. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. New clients, please read information for Brazilian Sugaring. I look  forward to seeing you soon!