Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about sugaring:

1.) What do I need to do before my first sugaring?   Please refer to the “First time sugaring” tab.

2.) Does Sugaring hurt? Yes. but not nearly as much as waxing and it isn’t your skin that’s hurting, it’s ONLY your hair being removed that you feel for a split second.  It’s going to hurt guys. You are removing the hair from the root, which is a good thing!  You want a nice, clean result that’s going to last, right? Well, in order to achieve that, we must remove the hair by the root. After the first time it hurts a million times less because it’s like a baby hair again. I’m very quick for your first time. You will be FINE! I have never in my entire career had anyone quit! You won’t be the first.

3.) I’m African-American (Persian, Mexican, etc…) and my hair is very coarse. I’ve been told I can’t wax. Can you still do my Brazilian? YES!!!! I have done every ethnicity and type of hair that you can imagine! I can do it!

4.) How long does my hair need to be? At LEAST 1/4″ long or about the length of a grain of rice. This usually takes a week or two depending on the body part.

5.) Can you sugar any part of the body? YES!! I have sugared every part of the body except the head! You name it, I can sugar it! I have even done a man’s beard!

6.) How long do I wait between appointments? The optimal amount of time between sugaring is 3-4 weeks. You want to remove the hair by the root while the hair is being nourished in order to discourage the hair from growing back! Some people come every two weeks!  There is different pricing if you come sooner than 4 weeks. Please inquire in person.

7.) Are you experienced? I’m scared!   Yes!  I have been doing this 13+ years and see on average 15 people a day! Sometimes up to 30! You are in good hands :).

8.) I’m getting married Saturday! Is Monday too early or too late to get my sugaring done?   Actually, Monday is perfect!  You don’t want to come in too soon (2 weeks ahead), but you don’t want to come in too close to the event either. Although irritation with sugaring is minimal, if at all, you still want to make sure to give yourself 2-3 days, if you can, before a big event. Don’t worry about coming in up to 7-10 days before your big event either! Sugaring lasts between 3-4 weeks before regrowth is seen!

9.) How long does sugaring last? (Hair growth cycles explanation.)  Your hair has 3 growth cycles. On your very first visit we get the first, second and PART of the third hair growth cycles. Once you return to get sugared 2-3 times we start getting all 3 hair growth cycles out at the SAME TIME! (If you feel any stubble whatsoever after your first appointment, it’s the third cycle barely poking out. Once you come back a couple more times we get them all at the same time.)  After your first sugaring, it should last 2-3 weeks. As you continue to get sugared you can go 3-6 weeks! Depends on the persons OCD 🙂 and how fast your hair grows.

10.) How long will my Brazilian appointment take?  It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to do the sugaring portion of the appointment. I book first timers for 30 minutes to leave time for explanation and tweezing if needed. Sometimes there are ingrown hairs that need to be fixed for people that have been shaving or waxing.

11.)  Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?  No. On the contrary, the hair will grow back thinner. Sugar removes the hair from the root, thus discouraging hair growth. Regular usage, particularly during the winter months, will noticeably reduce hair growth and the re-growth takes longer to appear and is considerably thinner.

12.)  Is sugaring safe?  Yes! The ingredients are all natural. It consists only of sugar,lemon juice and water.

13.)  Can I use sugar if I suffer from psoriasis or eczema?  In this case it is recommended, to massage the area first carefully with a dry loofah to remove the scaly skin, then you can start with the hair removal. Sugaring is safe for the most sensitive skin since it doesn’t remove live skin.

14.) Can my daughter use it? Yes.  is so gentle and natural that it is perfect for sensitive skin. I have done many children for various reasons. (Cancer, being teased at school, etc.) I usually consider ages 12+, but have done a couple of younger children. (10-11)

15.) Can I get my Brazilian or bikini if I have my cycle? Yes!  It is completely up to you. Some women aren’t comfortable, but if you are it it fine to get sugared while on your period. Just wear a tampon.

16.) What should I do after my treatment?  Exfoliate with a wet loofah in the shower EVERY day. You can also use a washcloth with exfoliating scrub, or just a scrub.

17.) Can the hair removal by sugaring last forever?  It is possible to become permanently hairless if you sugar yourself correctly and regularly. If and how long it will take you to stay hairless depends on several factors. As every human being is an individual, there are individual hair types, so it could be the case that you stay hairless after a few treatments whereas others may need much more. Also, the method you previously used to remove hair has a strong influence. Hair growth intensity is stronger in some areas of the body than in others; in these areas it will naturally take more treatments.

18.) I am pregnant; is it safe to sugar?  Many pregnant sugaring users still get treatments. There is no reason to stop sugaring treatments when you are pregnant. I have two children and sugared the whole time with both.

19.) Can I sunbathe, swim or have sex after sugaring? Yes, yes and yes. 🙂

20.) What is the difference between a Brazilian, bikini and a playboy?  A Bikini is just the sides and the top. A playboy is an exaggerated bikini. It doesn’t include the back. A Brazilian is everything from navel to anus. You can leave a strip or triangle if you want.

21.) Will I get bumps like I do after waxing?  Some people will still get a histamine reaction like they do with waxing. It usually isn’t a tenth of the reaction you normally would get with wax. Your skin isn’t damaged, it just can swell from the hair being removed from the root. You can take an anti-histamine like Benadryl before your appointment to prevent this.

22.) Can I sugar while using Accutane? Retin-A? Accutane, no!  You have to wait until after you are done with your Accutane cycle before you have any kind of professional exfoliation. Retin-A, yes. You just need to wait a few days before you get sugared.